MetaMask: A Step by Step Guide

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MetaMask: A Step by Step Guide

Digital and financial sovereignty. That's what Ethereum and a MetaMask wallet promise. MetaMask is a wallet service that allows you to interact directly with an underlying blockchain and store your assets. While it started with Ethereum, it is expanding to incorporate other Ethereum layer two solutions. Etherbridge published an article on the different types of digital wallets available and their associated benefits and drawbacks. We recommend giving this a read to understand better the wallet you decide to you. 

MetaMask is one of the most popular digital wallets and is available on your browser, Android or iPhone. This week we will give you a step by step guide to setting up your own MetaMask wallet. For simplicity, we will focus on the browser version, but the principles still largely apply to both the Android and iPhone versions. 

Step One: Install the MetaMask Wallet

In order to interact with Ethereum, you will need to install the MetaMask extension first. Most browser or app stores will have it, but the most secure way to do it is to visit the MetaMask website. 

  • Visit

  • Click Download now

  • Select the relevant platform download link on the landing page. In our case, it will be Install MetaMask for Chrome

  • Click on Add to Chrome on the top right of the page

  • Click Add Extension

The extension will automatically install, and the following page will appear:

  • Click Get Started

You will now be presented with two options: Import Wallet or Create a Wallet

If you have set up a MetaMask wallet before and already have a Secret Recovery Phrase you can click the Import Wallet tab to recover or add the same wallet to other browsers, desktops or smartphones. However, this week we are going to be setting up a new wallet.

  • Click Create a Wallet

You will now be prompted to help improve MetaMask's service. You need to decide whether you are happy sharing anonymised data. We never recommend sharing unnecessary personal data with any centralised party. However, you can make the decision yourself. 

  • Click No Thanks, or I Agree 

Step Two: Create Your Account

It is at this point we suggest you get a blank piece of paper and a pen.

You will now be prompted to create a password; you will use this password every time you open up your MetaMask wallet. So please write it down and don't forget it. 

  • Create a password and agree with the Terms of Use

MetaMask will now show you a short video on how to secure your wallet. We highly recommend you watch the whole thing, as this is one of the most critical steps in securing your wallet and assets. 

The most important takeaway is that you write down the Secret Recovery Phrase that you are about to be shown. This will allow you to retain control and recover your assets even if your computer or smartphone get stolen or lost. Best practice includes writing down more than one copy and storing them in different secure locations. NEVER share your recovery phrase with anyone.

  • Click Next

Step Three: Secure Your Secret Backup Phrase

This is the MOST important step when setting up your wallet. There are a few tips that you will see on the right-hand side of the screen. Feel free to follow any of the proposed methods. However, we believe that writing your Secret Backup Phrase down on multiple pieces of paper and storing them in different secure locations is best. 

  • Click on Click Here To Reveal Secret Words

You will be given 12 random words to write down. Make sure you write them down in order, as this makes a difference. 

  • Click Next

You will now need to confirm the Secret Backup Phrase by selecting the words given to you in order. 

  • Click Confirm

Congratulations! You have set up and secured your MetaMask wallet!

  • Click All Done

You will now be redirected to your MetaMask wallet dashboard. 

Step Four: Deposit Funds

The next step will be funding your account with Ethereum or other Ethereum based tokens. To fund your wallet, click on the three buttons on the top right of the dashboard and select Account Details. Here you will find your address and a QR code that points to your address. ALWAYS ensure that the address used EXACTLY matches the address you copy. If there is a letter or number out of place, you will lose your funds, and you will not be able to recover what you have sent or intend to receive. 

Step Five: Explore!

Once you have funded your account, you can start exploring and playing. You can lend and borrow money on protocols like Compound and Aave. You can exchange assets and provide liquidity to exchanges like Uniswap. You can insure smart contracts with Nexus Mutual. You can trade derivatives on platforms like Synthetix. You could make predictions on future outcomes of events in the 2021 Olympics on Augur. You can even explore and earn in Metaverses like Decentraland or Axie Infinity

We encourage you to adventure and test this new internet native world. The possibilities truly are endless. If you have any other questions or need some guidance, please feel free to reach out to us by either replying to this email or contacting us at

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