Etherbridge and Digital Assets

Etherbridge invests in the value of information and trust. History shows us that when there are innovations around the way information is disseminated and trust is coordinated its worthwhile paying attention. The most recent example of innovation around information is that of the internet, a protocol designed for the sharing of information. The last time we saw a change in how trust is coordinated was the invention of double-entry bookkeeping and the joint-stock venture, these two innovations have resulted in the $80 trillion stock market we have today.

Blockchain and cryptoassets represent a significant improvement in the way we share knowledge and coordinate trust in our society today.

Etherbridge Updates

Etherbridge Updates will be our way of communicating with you about the cryptoasset industry. We will publish research and opinion pieces, reports and fund updates.


Etherbridge is a digital asset management firm investing in the value of information and trust